Welcome to Blazin 3D, a site dedicated to making high quality Japanese hand made accessories for some popular electronic products hot out on the market.

From cushion pads that make the Sony HMZ more comfortable to use to DJI Phantom quadcopter backpacks and floats. Blazin 3D strives to make the best quality items for you!



Aquatic Phantom Floats 2.0

The new Aquatic Phantom Floats 2.0 are now out! Check them out under our products page.









Tired of your DJI controller flopping around and being to front heavy when attaching your tablet device?

Our new Pro One controller harness features an adjustable lanyard connection so you will never have to

worry again! Made with high quality fabrics, straps and hooks to deliver you a quality product!

 Check it out under our products page.




 DJI Phantom backpack for every Phantom version coming soon!

Will fit all DJI Phantom models and hold all your gear + more!






 We sell cushion pads to make your Sony HMZ models much more comfortable to use.


Sony HMZ-T3 & HMZ-T3W Cushion Pads



Sony HMZ-T2 Comfort 3 Cushion Pads


Limited Edition Comfort 3 Cushion Pads for Sony HMZ-T1 & T2 models



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