About Blazin 3D

Blazin 3D is a small husband & wife business we do from home. We are not a massive company producing our products with numerous workers or machines. All our products are hand made here in our house. Each product is made by order, meaning once you order we begin making the product you chose for you.

Started back in 2011 we made cushion pads for the Sony HMZ to make it much more comfortable to wear while watching movies. We didn't think the product would be so popular, but we sold over 1,000 within a month with customers contacting us saying that it truly helped them. I also was filming 3D movies of popular historic places, parks and aquariums here in Japan and making 3D movies to sell.

Two years later Sony released the HMZ-T2 and it also was very uncomfortable to use. So we designed cushion pads for it as well and a light blocker to block all light and make it like a true IMAX viewing experience.

Customers went crazy over both products and we sold over 10,000 in a year. Business got so crazy and busy that my wife had to quit her job and we were working on the site almost 24/7. We were shocked we recieved so many orders and got so many compliments on my wifes sewing skills.

In late 2013 Sony released the HMZ-T3 & HMZ-T3W, once again it was an amazing product but uncomfortable to use. So of course we made cushion pads for that as well which sold like crazy also. 


The year is now 2015 and we have focused our attention on making products for some popular electronic items since the whole 3D craze has died down.

I got the Apple watch back in April and love it!  Recently I bought several replica watch bands from China to use on it since Apple charges so much for their bands. Sadly though the quality of the Chinese bands were horrible and cheaply made. A few wouldn't even fit on my watch and the small amount that did broke. I was very upset I had spent so much money on watch bands that I thought would look good. Some Chinese sellers even took my money and never shipped a product. When I contacted them they would make stupid excuses like "A large typhoon hit here so I could not ship yet" or "It's a Chinese holiday" even though some sent me bogus tracking numbers days before they made these excuses! I was fed up, pissed off and just wanted a quality watch band that is different and makes my watch stand out from others.

So my wife looked at my Apple Watch and said, "I can make you a band"  I told her I want something that is comfortable, I can use for sports and goes good with my clothing. We don't have a leather machine to work with leather, so she used nylon and when she was finished it turned out really nice.

I wore it for weeks and was amazed by how comfortable it was and the comments I kept getting. So I asked her to make me a black one with red stitching. I wore it to the Apple Store and all the staff commented on how nice it was. As I walked out a young Japanese girl stopped me and asked where did I buy my watch band? I told her my wife made it for me and she asked, "can your wife make me 3 of different colors please? It looks really nice!"

That's when it hit me.... With all the forum post I been reading about Chinese Apple Watch bands low quality and some companies not even shipping the products I decided my wife and I could sell these.

So now our goal is to produce beautiful Apple Watch bands for everyone who is interested.

We have many colors to choose from, stitching color options and more coming soon. We just hope "you" the customer enjoy our products as we strive to make a high quality product for you.



Josh Blaze

CEO of Blazin 3D


Blazin 3D is located on the island of Kyushu Japan.

Opened in 2011 when Sony released the HMZ-T1, we realized people need some cushion pads to make the HMZ more comfortable. Our goal is to offer you quality cushion pads and products for any of the HMZ models you may have.