Sony HMZ-T3 Comfort 3 Cushion Pads

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 Comfort 3 cushion pads for the Sony HMZ-T3


Blazin 3D is proud to present our  all new cushion pads for the Sony HMZ-T3! Totally redesigned to fit

the T3 unit perfectly. They will help lift the HMZ off your nose a bit and take pressure off your forehead to

 give you much more comfort while viewing.



Totally redesigned to fit the HMZ-T3 model perfect

Due to the new design of the HMZ-T3, we had to make the center pad much longer.

It now attaches to the lower strap in the back, this allows you to still raise and

lower the middle rear strap with ease.

It is also more adjustable so users with larger heads should have no trouble!

The two rear cushion pads are 3 times larger then our T1 & T2 models and much

thicker to fit over the HMZ-T3's new straps. They slide on easily and you are still

able to adjust the straps for a perfect fit.

Two ways to attach the center cushion pad, on top the T3's forehead pad allowing

the T3's pad to rest on your forehead.

Or under, allowing our cushion pad to rest on your forehead for better comfort!