Pitch Black light blocker & Forehead pad for HMZ-T3

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Pitch Black light blocker & Forhead pad for HMZ-T3



The all new Blazin 3D Pitch Black is a light blocker for your Sony HMZ T3. It slides over your HMZ and head easily, for a snug comfortable fit and blocks 100% of all light giving you a perfect pitch black movie theater like experience. After wearing this and watching movies, you will be so immersed using the HMZ that you will think your in the IMAX, only no one will bother you with annoying chatter, coughing and sneezing.  And unlike the horrible Sony rubber light blockers, ours won't fall off or annoy you!

It also comes with a thick, soft forehead pad which rest under the HMZ's forhead pad and connects with straps. Our studies with numerous pads have found this spot is perfect for eliminating pressure the HMZ puts upon your nose and forehead. Using this pad will raise the HMZ up off your nose and still give you a good view of the screen. Much less pain and a comfortable viewing experience!



Slides over your head easily and blocks 100% of light

Easily fits over headphones as well