Sony HMZ-T1 Comfort 3 Cushion Pads

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Blazin 3D is proud to present our cushion pads for the Sony HMZ-T1.  Many people were excited to get the HMZ only to be let down by its uncomfortable fit and horrible pressure put on your nose.

Well, we have a solution for that! Introducing the Blazin 3D Comfort 3 cushion pads!




Our cushion pads are Japanese hand made and fit easily on the HMZ, no modding, gluing, taping or taking apart required! Simply slide the 2 smaller cushions over the original pads and connect the middle cushion to the forehead pad and back strap. Each is double padded for extra comfort and will feel much better than the original straps. With our middle cushion installed it takes much pressure off the nose helping you feel comfortable while watching movies or playing games for long periods. Once you adjust everything for your fitting they can also help with screen blurring on the sides. The middle pad is easily adjustable for a great fit!

You can also choose what color thread you would like us to stitch with. Want black fabric with white or red stitch for a cool look? Simply choose what color you would like when you purchase.